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A Good Fortune

Not everyone decides to start a business after fifty, but one year ago today…I did.

I was in an environment where I was letting others determine my worth. The stress led to tension headaches and high blood pressure, both uncommon for me.

Fortunately, family and friends who were sounding boards gave me the courage to make a change. But even with thirty years of storytelling experience, there was no guarantee my own business would thrive…especially when four months later, my leap of faith would land in a pandemic.

But thanks to some amazing clients, Doug Legore Media has flourished.

It’s made sense financially and creatively, and it’s helped my health. I’ve lost twenty pounds, lowered my blood pressure, and my headaches are gone. I’m healthier and happier.

It’s said that “life begins at forty,” but I’ve learned your next chapter can begin at any age.

Last November, a fortune cookie I cracked open at the end of my celebratory meal knew that before I did. The message was strong enough for me to save and now share.

It says, “Turbulence is a life force. It is opportunity.

Let’s love turbulence and use it for change.”

Sometimes we have to go through turbulence to reach a higher altitude.

It’s then that we can soar.

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