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A View From Left Field

It’s not quite the iconic Citgo sign that overlooks Boston’s Fenway Park, but seeing this sign makes me smile. Being able to sponsor a local baseball league close to my home is special to me.

For more than fifteen years, I coached my two sons and other kids from T-ball through American Legion, and the memories made on the field and in the dugout haven’t faded for me.

When coaching the younger ones, I attempted to Ted Lasso them before there was a Ted Lasso, by sticking “motivation labels” on their bats before every game encouraging them to “Get a hit!” or “Swing hard!” On their way out of the dugout, I’d ask them “what’s your bat telling you?” The kids would smile and shout it back to me as they stepped up to the plate.

As coaches we’d be sure that the kids had fun while growing as young baseball players. They were confident enough to know that if they made an error, it was okay because another opportunity was just a pitch away.

A few months ago, I bumped into a now twenty-three-year-old, former Middlesex Tiger inside a local restaurant. He smiled as he called out “Coach!” and went on to tell me how much fun he had playing baseball with our team that summer.

With luck, this sign on the left field fence will be a spectator to a new generation of players who have fun playing, too.

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