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The Importance of Mentors

Today after lunch, I took a photo with Helen.

The one on the left is us at Kutztown University of Pennsylvania in the fall of 1986. It shows me as a college senior rewriting a script with her, which makes sense because she would be a main character in my life story.

Back then we called her Miss Clinton. She was my favorite teacher, the one who lit the fire of photojournalism in me and hundreds of others. Her knowledge and willingness to teach, coupled with her quick wit and sarcastic tone, jumpstarted hundreds of us for careers in Communications. The places we saw, the stories we covered, and the awards we won, most likely happened because of her. But it did more than that. It put us in specific places where we’d meet forever friends and even spouses.

This afternoon, thirty-six years after last seeing her, I had the chance to say thanks and reminisce about good classes and great memories.

I’m sure there are many other professors at Kutztown who have had just as big an impact on their students. But to me, she’s a Golden Bear who shines a bit brighter than most.

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